Faith Muthambi: Media, government must work together

The Communications Minister says there’s no need for the two parties to constantly be on different sides.

FILE: Communications Minister Faith Muthambi. Picture: GCIS.

JOHANNESBURG - Communications Minister Faith Muthambi says both the government and the media have a dual responsibility to work towards South Africa's development.

She says there's no need for the two parties to constantly be on different sides, when there's room to jointly contribute to sustainable development.

Muthambi is speaking at a media transformation colloquium in Pretoria.

Muthambi says working with the government for the country's development does not mean media organisations lose their independence.

"Such covering will of course not be at the expense of the watchdog and checking function, but would rather live alongside it."

Muthambi says while government wants the media to continue to report fearlessly that reporting must also be used to instil hope in citizens.

She says while the media's role as a watchdog is important, there's room for organisations to start reflecting the positive developments happening in the country.

Over the next two days, delegates here at Freedom Park will discuss issues linked to media transformation including ownership, content and policy.