Hawks claim Pravin Gordhan is facing three criminal charges

The letter the Hawks sent to Pravin Gordhan reveals he is facing three criminal charges.

FILE: Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan. Picture: Reinart Toerien/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - The letter the Hawks sent to Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan reveals he is facing three criminal charges.

The Hawks have summoned Gordhan and three former Sars officials to provide warning statements at their offices tomorrow.

Gordhan has, however, told the Hawks that he won't be presenting himself to their offices as instructed in a letter sent to him two days ago.

The Hawks believe Gordhan contravened sections of the Public Finance Management Act, the Prevention of Corrupt Activities Act as well as the National Strategic Intelligence Act.

Gordhan is accused of approving former South African Revenue Service (Sars) Deputy Commissioner Ivan Pillay's early retirement and then paying the early retirement penalty fee.

The Hawks say the minister then re-appointed Pillay and retained him at the same position for three years.

Gordhan is also accused of setting up an investigation unit within Sars which gathered, collected and evaluated intelligence.

Gordhan provided the Hawks with a full explanation to these charges and has denied any and all wrongdoing.

Minister Gordhan say the allegations and assertions of law made against him, by the Hawks, are wholly unfounded.

Gordhan earlier released a statement saying, "I am advised by my legal team that the assertions made by the Hawks in their letter of 21 August 2016, are wholly unfounded on any version of the facts - suffice it to say, I have been advised that the alleged charges are wholly unfounded. I therefore do not intend to present myself for a warning statement."

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