Herman Mashaba to conduct skills audit

New mayor Herman Mashaba has assured all competent council workers in Joburg that their jobs are safe.

Newly elected Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba celebrates his victory.  Picture: Christa Eybers/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - As Johannesburg sees a change in government the new mayor Herman Mashaba has assured all competent council workers in the city that their jobs are safe.

Mashaba has however warned that he will be conducting skills audits and performance reviews and that all staff members that are not useful will be removed.

He was elected last night after receiving 144 votes, beating his predecessor Parks Tau who received 125 votes.

Mashaba says skills audits will begin as early as this morning.

"This morning I'm meeting with the City manager. I need to do a skills audit to ensure that anyone who's in the wrong job, we've got start moving people around so that and unleash the potential of our people. We don't want our staff to be scared of politicians."


Mashaba says as he assumes his new position, his first priority is to properly serve the poor, adding that he's prepared to use his own personal resources to fight poverty.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) also claimed the positions of speaker of the council and chief whip with the backing of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).

Mashaba says his government will ensure the disadvantaged are well looked after.

"The big job starts. We've got a crisis in our hands as a country. Eight cases and there's more, but eight cases I had to take personally to Human Rights Commission.

"Instead of saying to the Human Rights Commission, that if they are not taking them up, personally I'll use my powers to take them to the United Nations."


Mashaba says that as of last night, corruption has been declared public enemy number one.

"As of this evening corruption is declared public enemy number one in this city."

EFF supporters and members celebrated with the DA as the announcement was made.

Mashaba says the hard work would start now.

"And we're sitting and facing a massive challenge ahead of us. Speed is of the essence."

It was a long day filled with disruptions and twists and turns. Mashaba gave a brief acceptance speech but promised an inaugural speech at the next sitting.

After the announcement, Mashaba asked to postpone his acceptance speech in memory of the African National Congress (ANC) councillor who passed on there earlier in the day.

He did, however, take the opportunity to thank the EFF leadership saying: "Thank you very much for what you've done for this country."

Mashaba says the DA aims to create an environment that empowers entrepreneurs.

The ANC confirmed earlier that its councillor Nonhlanhla Mthembu, who collapsed during the city's council meeting, had died.

Earlier in the evening, paramedics were seen rushing into City Hall with a stretcher to attend to Mthembu.

It has been confirmed that had been was ill.