Joburg balance of power hinges on EFF's vote

All eyes are on the country’s biggest economic hub to see who will lead South Africa’s City of Gold.

FILE: EFF leader Julius Malema speaks to the media at the IEC National Results Centre in Tshwane. Picture: Christa Eybers/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Johannesburg residents will find out today who will lead the City of Gold.

The city is expected to hold its first council sitting where the mayor, chief whip and speaker of the council will be officially sworn in.

The elections have seen the African National Congress (ANC) losing outright control of four major metros including three in Gauteng.

All eyes are on the country's biggest economic hub to see who will lead South Africa's City of Gold.

Johannesburg Mayor Parks Tau admits the ANC may find itself in the opposition benches.

"The election results have placed the ANC leadership of the City of Johannesburg under uncertain grounds."

However, Tau says they will continue serving the people of Johannesburg no matter the outcome of today's council sitting.

"To ensure that the quality of life of Johannesburg residents is equally desirable for everybody."

While the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has made public its dissatisfaction with the Democratic Alliance (DA)'s mayoral candidate, Herman Mashaba, the red berets have indicated the party will still be voting with the opposition.


Under the seat allocation administered by the electoral commission the ANC has a hundred and twenty one seats.

The DA has 104 and the EFF has 30.

While the ANC says it is hoping that smaller parties will support it today, it though seems unlikely that the move will get it the votes it needs.

Parties like the Inkatha Freedom Party, the Freedom Front Plus, the United Democratic Movement and Congress of the People have all signed a national coalition agreement with the DA.

That means that the balance of power here is really held by the EFF, who have said they don't like Mashaba but have indicated they will vote for him to keep the ANC out of power.