Disruptions as City of Johannesburg elects new mayor

The City of Johannesburg's council meeting has already been hit by disruptions and heckling.

City of Johannesburg held its first council sitting to elect a new mayor on Monday 22 August 2016. Picture: Christa Eybers/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - As the City of Johannesburg prepares to elect a new mayor, its city council meeting has already been hit by disruptions and heckling.

Judge President Dunstan Mlambo had to ask for order after African National Congress (ANC) mayoral candidate Parks Tau and the party's Johannesburg spokesperson Jolidee Matongo's names were called, as some began to boo them.

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has disrupted proceedings, calling for the arrest of the ANC's Dan Bovu.

The EFF has called Bovu a wanted criminal and says it will not allow the session to proceed with him seated in the hall.

#Joburg EFF insists "Dan Bovu is a wanted criminal. Call police outside to come take him. We can't proceed" CM

As Bovu was sworn in at the hall, the EFF accused the ANC of protecting criminals.

The red berets laid criminal charges against Bovu, claiming he attempted to bribe EFF councillors to vote in favour of the ANC during today's council meeting.

But outgoing Johannesburg city manager Trevor Fowler dismissed the EFF's objection, saying every elected councillor has the right to be sworn in.

Fowler says the debate on whether elected councillors facing criminal charges can be sworn in can take place at a later stage.

Meanwhile, disgruntled EFF supporters are picketing outside the city hall saying the party sold them out, but the EFF says the group has been used by the ANC.

A group of about 20 men dressed in the EFF's signature red T-shirts are picketing.

#Joburg Outside EFF supporters say they plan to picket outside while proceedings continue inside City Hall. MK pic.twitter.com/2v2xC8Bpa9

The group is upset over the support its party has given to the Democratic Alliance (DA) which it regards as the old National Party.

They say they will remain outside to show their dissatisfaction with the party they voted for.

But the EFF's Mbuyiseni Ndlozi says he has heard the group was paid to stage the picket.


Herman Mashaba, Johannesburg mayoral candidate for the DA, says he's ready to take the reigns as the city's mayors

Mashaba says he's hopeful he'll emerge as mayor after today's meeting.

"All the parties came to the party, the EFF, Inkatha Freedom Party and other smaller parties. I am really glad and proud they have agreed to come and form this government with us, to take out the corrupt ANC government."

He adds that he's ironed out differences with the EFF, who initially objected to his candidacy, accusing him of being anti-poor and anti-black.

"I know what poverty means and the EFF are very much aware of this."

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