Msimanga promises to retain staff, to implement rigorous performance reviews

The new Tshwane Mayor said there will be no fancy celebrations but the hard work will now begin.

DA mayoral elect Solly Msimanga at the Tshwane Council Chambers. Picture: Kgothatso Mogale/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Newly elected Tshwane Mayor Solly Msimanga said he will not be purging any staff members but will implement rigorous performance reviews.

The Democratic Alliance (DA)'s Msimanga was sworn in as the new mayor yesterday unseating the African National Congress (ANC).

Rachel Mathebe was elected the new speaker, describing yesterday as a historic moment.

Msimanga seemed undeterred by ANC members in the house who heckled and booed him as he was sworn in.

He said there will be no fancy celebrations but the hard work will now begin. He says he has no plans to purge staff.

"Peoples' jobs are safe. What we'll be doing is to also engage with different departments. We'll be seeing what shortages [there are] and we'll be retaining some skills."

However, he did warn those who may have received their jobs through fraudulent deployment.

"People who were appointed politically in official positions, using those positions to sabotage the programme of government, that's something that we'll not be able to tolerate."

Msimanga says fighting corruption is his top priority.


Msimanga said he will drag the ANC kicking and screaming to ensure it cooperates with the DA in governing the capital city

Some ANC members in the house expressed their dissatisfaction disrupting Msimanga.

Msimanga said the ANC members showed a lack in humility and behaved in poor taste calling them bad losers.

"Be humble, this is why you came number two, because you refuse to be humble."

He said the ANC should not try sabotage service delivery in its wards in attempts to render Tshwane ungovernable.

"But we'll drag them and we'll experience service delivery in the same areas that they're coming from and the people that they're representing."

Msimanga said he will be meeting with all department heads on Monday morning to start the real work.