‘The DA is going to elect me as JHB mayor’

Herman Mashaba says there’s no doubt in his mind about what will happen on Monday.

FILE: Democratic Alliance mayoral candidate for Johannesburg Herman Mashaba. Picture: Christa Eybers/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - The Democratic Alliance's (DA) Johannesburg mayoral candidate Herman Mashaba says the decision has been made by his party to elect him as mayor on Monday.

Yesterday Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema said his party would support the (DA) in mayoral votes in the metros in Gauteng, but then confirmed they were unhappy with having to vote for Mashaba.

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The DA has said it can't remove Mashaba as its candidate because he was appointed following a particular process.

Mashaba says there's no doubt in his mind about what will happen on Monday.

"The decision was made on Monday, I am the DA caucus leader. At the inaugural meeting on Monday, I am going to be there up front with the DA and the [party] is going to elect me as their mayoral candidate."

Yesterday Malema first said they were placing a condition on their support for the DA in Johannesburg.

But then later in the day, he said that if Mashaba were the mayor, so be it, as long as the ANC was out of power.