EFF reveals reservations over DA's Herman Mashaba

The EFF's Dali Mpofu says the party doesn’t believe Mashaba has the best interests of the poor at heart.

FILE: DA mayoral candidate for Johannesburg Herman Mashaba. Picture: Reinart Toerien/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) national chairperson Dali Mpofu says they are against Democratic Alliance (DA) mayoral candidate Herman Mashaba being the next mayor of Johannesburg because they don't agree with his views on the advancement of black people in the country.

Malema held a media briefing in an open field in Alexandra yesterday and explained his party's reasons for not striking coalition deals with the African National Congress or the DA.

But the EFF says while they are not entering into formal coalitions with the DA, they have decided to vote with the main opposition in hung Gauteng metros on condition Mashaba is not elected mayor.

Mpofu says the party doesn't believe Mashaba has the best interests of the poor at heart.

"I think he bought too much into the dogma of market fundamentalism. We do not believe that he will be able to have a favourable look as a poor, I think he even once said that black people will not be trusted to lead and that only rich people can. It's those kind of statements [that we don't agree with]."

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At the same time, EFF leader Julius Malema says his party's disagreement with the DA over Mashaba will not collapse its deal.

He says they do not want Mashaba as mayor because he hates his black skin and has continually disrespected poor black people.

But he says the issue is not a fundamental one.

"We have a disagreement with the DA on the mayor, it's not a fundamental issue, we just raised our concerns and we are talking about it."

He also says although they are voting with the DA, they still believe the party is racist.

"This one, the DA with their racism - compared to the kleptocratic state led by the ANC - they are better off."

The Johannesburg council is expected to convene soon where parties will vote for mayor and speaker.

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Additional reporting by Matshepo Chiloane.