Zephany wants nothing to do with biological family, claims kidnapper's family

The 19-year-old’s kidnapper was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment in the WC High Court yesterday.

FILE: Members of Zephany Nurse's biological family leave the Western Cape High Court. Picture: Thomas Holder/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - Relatives of the woman who kidnapped Zephany Nurse have reiterated that the young woman wants nothing to do with her biological famil y.

The Lavender Hill resident was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment in the Western Cape High Court yesterday.

She stole the three-day-old girl from her sleeping mother's arms at Groote Schuur Hospital in 1997, and raised the child as her own for more than 17 years.

However, the woman maintains she's innocent.


Tempers flared outside court between relatives of Zephany's biological family and relatives of the woman she believed was her mother.

One family member of the convicted kidnapper claims the teenager is "not interested" in forming a relationship with her biological family.

"She doesn't want anything to do with them because they don't care about her."

Others say the Nurse family has done nothing for the teenager.

"The child is the bottom line. They haven't clothed, fed or called her. They've done nothing for her."

They say they 19-year-old is devastated by the imprisonment of the only mother she has ever known.

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Meanwhile, her biological father believes the healing process can continue now that the trial against the kidnapper has been concluded.

Morne Nurse says he's satisfied with the sentence handed down to the 52-year-old woman.

"It's a year-and-a-half later and we are over the moon. We're happy with the proceedings."

At the same time, Zephany's biological grandfather says he hopes the 10-year jail term sends out a clear message about the severity of the crime.

Adam Nurse has welcomed the punishment.

"I'm pleased with the outcome. She's paid for what happened and justice has prevailed. I hope that other kidnappers will learn from this. It is a serious crime to kidnap a child."

The Nurse family found their daughter last year, after they discovered she attended the same school as their younger daughter.