Did Brutal Fruit’s #SheRocks campaign backfire?

Brutal Fruit’s Women’s Month campaign appears to have backfired as tweeps express their disdain.

Brutal Fruit's #SheRocks round table discussion. Picture: Youtube Screengrab

JOHANNESBURG - Alcoholic beverage brand Brutal Fruit has been slated over the first episode of its four-part roundtable discussion, led by brand architect Star Khulu, which it released as part of its Women's Month campaign.

The #SheRocks movement has been labelled 'patriarchal' and 'misogynist' by Twitter users who have rebuked it, saying the brand had dedicated the entire discussion, which is meant for women, to discussing men.

In her introduction of the topic, Khulu says, "We are going to talk about men", leading to a conversation on the roles of women in relationships.

The campaign has been accused of perpetuating societal constructs, which continue to disenfranchise


While it has not given an official response to the reaction on social media, Brutal Fruit has tweeted that it couldn't wait for the second instalment of #SheRocks, saying the panellists were 'on fire' and that the views they expressed were 'insightful'.

WATCH: Episode 1: Brutal Fruit round table discussion

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