Thulsie lawyer heads to high court after ‘lawful’ arrest ruling

The Thulsie twins’ lawyer will challenge an earlier ruling that the arrests of the 23-year-olds was lawful.

Police have released photographs recovered from the twins’ cellphones. One of the pictures which show the brothers posing with what police say appears to be an assault rifle. Picture: Supplied.

JOHANNESBURG - The National Prosecuting Authority(NPA) says it will oppose an application by the Thulsie Twins to have their case heard at the high court in relation to the lawfulness of their arrest.

The Johannesburg Magistrates Court today ruled that the arrests of the 23-year-olds was lawful, as the police had reasonable suspicion of an offense.

The Hawks swooped on Brandon-Lee and Tony-Lee Thulsie last month on suspicion that they had been plotting terrorist attacks against United States and Jewish interests in Johannesburg.

LISTEN: Magistrate rules that Thulsie twins were lawfully arrested

Advocate Anneline van den Heever earlier argued that the police didn't have sufficient evidence to arrest the Thulsie twins and will now be launching an application to the high court.

The NPA's Phindi Louw says they will oppose this.

"We will be opposing that application as we still maintain that the twins are lawfully detained."

If van den Heever is not successful, the twins bail application will be heard on Friday.

Their mother bowed her head and sobbed in court this morning, with family members hugging her in support.

Earlier, the NPA has welcomed the court's ruling that the arrests of the Thulsie twins was lawful.

Louw says they have always maintained that the arrests were lawful.

"The magistrate ruled that because of the statement given to the police by one witness, who is now a State witness, together with what was found during the execution of the search warrant informed suspicion for the police to arrest (sic)."

The Thulsie twins will remain in custody until their next appearance.