[LISTEN] 'ANC doesn’t have a plan to rectify poor performance at the polls'

Professor Tinyiko Maluleke says a plan of action by the ANC to address its performance in local government elections is nothing new.

JOHANNESBURG - Political Analyst and lecturer at the University of Pretoria, Professor Tinyiko Maluleke, says the African National Congress's willingness to take collective responsibility for its dwindling performance during municipal elections is a 'no brainer'.

Speaking to Stephen Grootes on the Midday Report, Maluleke says a plan of action established by the ANC National Executive Committee on a way forward is nothing new.

"I have nothing in my recent experience to suggest that something will be done this time, so I will live in hope and look forward to actual action being taken by the ANC. But before that action is taken, I will not assume that it will be."

Listen to the SoundCloud above for more.

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