Coalition negotiations in Hessequa ‘hit a snag’

Freedom Front Plus (FF Plus) is the kingmaker in Hessequa Municipality with its one seat.

FILE: FF Plus leader Pieter Mulder. Picture: EWN.

CAPE TOWN - The inaugural council meeting at the Hessequa municipal council could be postponed because parties are yet to reach coalition agreements.

The council was among eight in the Western Cape left undecided following the local government elections earlier this month.

Six have since been resolved with coalitions while talks in Hessequa and Kannaland are stalling.

The African National Congress and Democratic Alliance have eight seats each in Hessequa while the Freedom Front Plus (FF Plus) is the kingmaker with its one seat.

FF Plus leader Pieter Mulder says negotiations have hit a snag.

"In my impression at the moment, it might go over to Tuesday. For example, in Hessequa, we are kingmaker there and they've got am meeting on Tuesday so we will postpone it unless we are satisfied with whatever the deal is."

Mulder adds there are a few complications in the talks nationally.

"There are so many parties involved that what makes it so complicated. If this party changes this, then everything changes again and some parties are still having meetings. We also have an executive meeting on Monday to see what the situation is."