Sole Russian athletics competitor Klishina suspended from Games - source

The source close to the proceedings said Darya Klishina had been suspended as new evidence emerged.

A poster promoting the Rio 2016 Olympic Games hangs from a streetlight on the streets of Rio de Janeiro. Picture: Reinart Toerien/EWN.

RIO DE JANEIRO - Russia's sole track and field competitor at the Rio Olympics, Darya Klishina, has been suspended from the Games, a source told Reuters on Saturday.

No details of the suspension were immediately available, but the Court of Arbitration for Sport said it had received an appeal from the long jumper against an eligibility issue of the international athletics federation (IAAF).

The source, close to the proceedings, who spoke on condition of anonymity said the long jumper had been suspended as new evidence had emerged in relation to a World Anti-Doping Agency report - the McLaren report - and Klishina.

The report, drafted by Canadian Richard McLaren, described what the World Anti-Doping Agency said was systematic doping among Russian athletes, supported by the Russian state over several years, including at the 2014 Sochi winter Olympics.

Russia's track and field athletes had been banned from the Olympics due to the doping scandal and only Klishina was cleared by the IAAF to compete in Brazil.

Individual Russian athletes could apply to the IAAF for exemptions to compete in Rio if they could prove they were not involved in the system and were subjected to drug tests outside the country.

Klishina's was one of 136 appeals to the IAAF but the only one given the green light to compete in Rio.

CAS was expected to rule on her appeal either on Sunday or Monday. The IAAF were expected to issue a statement later in the day.

Russian officials in Rio and Moscow were not immediately available to comment.