PAC's coalition terms include release of its political prisoners

It’s been reported that the ANC has brokered a deal which’ll allow it to govern Ekurhuleni with the PAC.

The Pan Africanist Congress Logo. Picture: Wikipedia

JOHANNESBURG - The Pan Africanist Congress(PAC) says it wants its political prisoners to be released in exchange for entering into a coalition with any political party.

The party says it's been approached by parties looking to form coalitions in the wake of last week's municipal elections.

The PAC is just one of the parties that's been approached to enter into a coalition government.

However, it has conditions which must be met before any deal is made.

Times Live has reported that the African National Congress has already brokered a package which will allow it to govern Ekurhuleni with the PAC.

The party's Kenneth Mokgatlhe will not disclose who approached the PAC, but says they want their political prisoners released.

"Those who have been in prison before 1994, which we believe they have been kept there for their political allegiance."

The PAC will be holding its national executive committee meeting this weekend, where its members will decide which party to join forces with.