Cosatu warns DA ‘is not what workers are looking for’

Sdumo Dlamini says smaller parties and the ANC shouldn’t form coalitions with the DA.

Cosatu's Sdumo Dlamini. Picture: Official Cosatu Facebook page.

JOHANNESBURG - The Congress of South African Trade Unions(Cosatu) has warned the African National Congress (ANC) and smaller parties not to form coalitions with the Democratic Alliance (DA).

The workers' union held a media briefing at Cosatu house in Johannesburg to unpack the election results.

Its president Sdumo Dlamini says the results are disheartening and disappointing, adding that the ruling party needs to go back to the drawing board.

Cosatu says this year's municipal election results are a strategic setback for the ANC.

Dlamini says while the party has much work to do to reconnect with its voters, he says this should not be a celebration for the DA.

He says smaller parties should not form coalitions with the DA, saying it's not a party for workers.

"It's a message that is clear, very clear, it's unambiguous - the DA will not be what the workers are looking for."

The union president says Cosatu will have an honest conversation with the ANC about what needs to be done.


Cosatu says this year's local government election results serve as a final warning shot to the ANC to reconnect with its supporters.

It says it's already identified some possible reasons for the poor performance of the ANC, including international trends, which show lower turnout at local government elections.

Dlamini says what the governing party needs at this point is unity.

He says it's undeniable that the ANC performed poorly and must go back to the drawing board.

"This was a final warning shot to the movement and we must demonstrate that we have listened to that final warning shot."

Dlamini, however, says it doesn't support calls for Zuma to resign and the blame can't be placed on one person.