Chikane: The ANC can decide to press 'reset button'

Reverend Chikane says there’s a worrying loss of confidence in the ANC that could lead to an election defeat.

Frank Chikane reveals the document the ANC ignored.Picture: Kgothatso Mogale/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Reverend Frank Chikane says there's still time for the ruling party to press the reset button and regain the confidence of the people.

The African National Congress(ANC) veteran has released a document that he had given to the party's leaders before the local government elections outlining his concerns around the possibility of the ANC losing major metros.

Reverend Chikane says there's a worrying loss of confidence in the ruling party and a dangerous downward trend that could result in losing a national election.

He says corrupt members can't be at the helm of the organisation, and he believes it's his duty to push for change.

"They can make a decision tomorrow and say 'We're going to press the reset button.' If they don't change they will continue on this trajectory into 2017, you will lose provinces and you will lose national elections."

Chikane says the problem is not only the president, but includes the ANC leadership as a whole.