Holomisa: Voters have sent strong message to ANC

Holomisa’s UDM is among a few smaller parties set to be kingmakers in several undecided councils.

United Democratic Movement leader Bantu Holomisa. Picture: Facebook.

CAPE TOWN - United Democratic Movement (UDM) leader Bantu Holomisa believes voter s have sent out a strong message to the African National Congress (ANC) by splitting the vote among small parties.

Holomisa's party is among a few smaller political parties set to be kingmakers in several undecided councils across the country.

Holomisa says they have been approached by both the ANC and the Democratic Alliance (DA) to form coalition governments in the Nelson Mandela Bay metro.

He says small parties now have the power.

"The power here is being shared now by all political parties and the smallest political parties are going to have a say in what is to be done in those metros. So it's a wake-up call to the ANC."

Holomisa, however, says his party is not opposed to forming a coalition with the ANC, if issues like water and electricity in poor communities are prioritised.

"We've to make sure that those issues are put up upfront, even if it means that the DA or ANC, when they ascend to power, they rearrange budget priorities."

Meanwhile, the DA says it's confident it will reach agreements with smaller political parties to form coalition governments before the end of next week.

The party failed to reach the 51 percent mark in Tshwane and the Nelson Mandela Bay metro, despite having the most votes in those municipalities.

It is now turning to smaller political parties in efforts to gain executive power.

Party leader Mmusi Maimane yesterday said they will not engage the ANC because the governing party has divided South Africans on the basis of race.

The DA's James Selfe says: "It's in government to do certain things and that's why when we're in discussions with other political parties we seek to establish whether what's contained in our manifesto is compatible with what's contained in other parties' political manifestos."