Mabala Noise denies Malema claim of ANC funding help

EFF leader Julius Malema accused Minister Mokonyane and the ANC of funding the record label.

Mabala Noise logo. Picture: Facebook

JOHANNESBURG - ANC Youth League Treasurer General Reggie Nkabinde is adamant there is nothing untoward about his relationship with Water and Sanitation Minister Nomvula Mokonyane, comparing it that of a mother and son.

Nkabinde was responding to claims by Julius Malema that the ANC "empowered" him to pay artists R5 million each to join his newly formed record label, Mabala Noise.

The EFF leader had accused Nkabinde of benefiting financially from government because of his friendship with the minister.

Nkabinde says that his relationship with Mokonyane is similar to that of a mother and child, and says he will not play that down just because of Malema's allegations.

"Mama Nomvula and Serge Mokonyane are my parents, today it can't be that I own Mabala Noise and want to distance myself from that relationship."

He says he is not going to take Malema to court but says the Mabala Noise legal team will find a way to make the EFF leader retract his comments.

"Our legal team is advising us on how best we can talk to the EFF leader to retract what he has said."

Nkabinde maintains that he used his own funds to sign on artists and has slated Malema's claims, calling them false.