Fuel strike continues as union holds fast on wage demand

At least 15,000 workers affiliated to Ceppwawu are on strike, demanding a 9% wage increase.

Picture: EWN

JOHANNESBURG - There is still no end in sight to the petroleum sector strike, as both the Chemical Energy Paper Printing Wood and Allied Workers Union (Ceppwawu) and the National Petroleum Employers Association refuse to compromise.

At least 15,000 workers affiliated to the union downed tools, demanding a 9% wage increase, but the employer is holding firm to its offer of 7%.

Yesterday, Ceppwawu approached the Labour Department to intervene in the industrial action which is now in its second week.

Union spokesperson Cement Chitja says over the years employees have been the only party that has ever agreed to compromise.

"We are worried that, over the years, if the difference is a mere fraction of a percentage it is always the workers who have to give. Now, over the years this has become an insurmountable amount."

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