Khwezi 'thankful' for #RememberKhwezi protest

Four women held a silent anti-rape protest during President Zuma's address on the election results.

Four female EFF members holding placards in front of the stage as President Jacob Zuma delivers his address at the IEC national results centre in Pretoria. The placards refer to the woman named "Khwezi" who accused Zuma of rape in 2005. Picture: Masa Kekana/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - The woman known as Khwezi, who accused President Jacob Zuma of rape 10 years ago, says she appreciates the solidarity shown by four women who staged a silent protest in her honour at the elections results ceremony.

The group held up placards reading, "I am one in three", "Khanga", "RememberKhwezi" during Zuma's speech on Saturday night.

Zuma was acquitted of the rape charge in 2006 and Khwezi is now living in exile.

The campaign's Kwezi Mbandazayo, speaking on behalf of Khwezi, says she is thankful for the support.

"Khwezi really appreciates the solidarity. She really appreciates the fact that there's this community of women that she's part of, that are pro-women, that are feminists and that will fight to liberate this country."

One of the women, Naledi Chirwa, says she has no regrets about the silent protest and says it was a spontaneous decision.

"There is no right place, there is no right time and I have been saying this. We don't get raped at the right time, we don't get raped at the right place and in that same breath, the fact that people want an explanation, further outline the problem that is happening."

Chirwa who is also an EFF member says it's appalling that the African National Congress Women's League president Bathabile Dlamini claims the picket was orchestrated by the EFF.

"Two days from now they will be screaming 'wa tinta abafazi wa tint'umbokoto' (You strike a woman; you strike a rock). But they watched us being tinta'd (struck) there. They watched us and in fact they threw stones at us and said we were not supposed to be there, so we deserved it."

She says this will not be the final protest and they will continue to demonstrate against rape.

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