Ceppwawu won't back down on 9% wage demand

The National Petroleum Employers Association is offering a seven percent increase.

Petrol. Picture: Katharyn Williams-Jaftha/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Workers union Ceppwawu says petroleum bosses are unwilling to compromise and reach an agreement that will see an end to the ongoing strike in the sector.

Talks between the union and the National Petroleum Employers Association reached a deadlock last week after parties failed to reach an agreement.

Workers are demanding a nine percent increase while the employer is offering 7%.

The strike has seen petrol pumps across the province run dry.

Ceppwawu's Jerry Nkosi says: "The union Ceppwawu initiated that meeting. We came to that meeting. The only thing they can tell us is just to reconfirm the position they gave us on the 18th of July. So that is really the stumbling block."