South Africans stand with #RememberKhwezi protesters

In 2005 a woman known as Khwezi accused Jacob Zuma of rape, but he was acquitted in 2006.

Four women staged a silent anti-rape protest during President Jacob Zuma's address at the IEC briefing on 6 August 2016. Picture: Thomas Holder/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - South Africans have taken to social media in support for the four female protesters who silently stood in front of President Jacob Zuma as he gave his address at the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) results centre this evening.

The IEC held a briefing to give preliminary results for the 2016 Municipal Elections.

As the president took to the podium for his address, the four females dressed in black stood in front of him and held up placards reading "I am 1 in 3", "10 years later", "Khanga" and "Remember Khwezi".

The women were removed from the venue by the president's security staff.

WATCH: Anti-rape protesters removed from IEC briefing

In 2005 a woman the media referred to as Khwezi laid charges against the president, accusing him of rape.

Zuma denied the claims, saying he had consensual sex with the HIV-positive woman at his home in Johannesburg.

During the trial, shocking revelations came to light; she said she went to bed wearing a kanga (a wraparound cloth) and Zuma later came in and raped her.

In May 2006 Zuma was cleared of rape, with the judge ruling that the encounter was consensual.

This evening as he spoke live on national TV, the case was brought back to the world's attention by the four women in a silent protest.

South Africans on Twitter spoken out in anger and disgust at the manner in which security staff handled the four women, the way rape cases are handled in the country and the defence by the African National Congress of the president.

The African man's ignorance on rape is one of the biggest problems in our community are we misinterpreting our role as MEN? #RememberKhwezi

Absolutely gutted and appalled btw security treated those women!! What has become of our country, we need change and fast! #RememberKhwezi

#RememberKhwezi Now we know why ANC support declines in every election, Bathabile just demonstrated for all to see live on national tv.

#RememberKhwezi lol I was reminded of this cartoon..

What happened to Khwezi, happens to women everyday. So no, it's not politically motivated. It's taking action. #RememberKhwezi

Being acquitted of a crime does not mean it did not happen #RememberKhwezi

#RememberKhwezi Bathabile Dlamini #ANCWL Blames #EFF for #SilentProtestors Doesn't CareOn #WomensMonth 4Girls #Rape

What is #RememberKhwezi about? 👇🏽

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