Tlokwe residents, EFF cry foul over ballot transport process

Residents in the ward have accused an IEC official of tampering with ballot boxes.

FILE: A Tlokwe resident casts his vote. Picture: EWN.

TLOKWE - Residents and members of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in Tlokwe are crying foul about the election process in ward 26.

A car transporting ballot boxes from the Tshupane Primary School broke down on its way to the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) office in Potchefstroom after the driver ran out of petrol.

An urgent meeting has since been held with IEC officials.

The car that was carrying ballot boxes from ward 26 in Tlokwe arrived at the main IEC centre in Potchefstroom after breaking down in Ikageng.

The residents and EFF members have accused the official who was transporting the boxes of tampering with them, claiming they found the boxes unsealed.

The residents say the car wasn't even escorted by a marked police car.

Voting in Tlokwe wrapped up last night with very few problems, despite some stations recording a high volume of voters.

The municipality has been in the spotlight after the Constitutional Court ruled that residents' addresses must be included on the voters roll.