ANC's Didiza casts vote, urges South Africans to head to polls

Thoko Didiza says South Africans should exercise the right to vote that many fought for.

ANC Tshwane mayoral candidate Thoko Didiza visited the Pretoria City Missions Methodist Church on 17 July, 2016. Picture: Masa Kekana/EWN.

PRETORIA - Voting has gotten underway in the east of Pretoria. The African National Congress (ANC)'s mayoral candidate in Tshwane Thoko Didiza has urged all South Africans eligible to go out today and make their mark.

She was speaking outside the Grootfontein voting station in the east of Pretoria.

Didiza says South Africans should exercise the right that many fought for.

"At local level, this is where we express our views as communities about what type of government we want us to be led by and I think this is why today South Africans must express their vote to say 'this is the party that we want to lead our local space.'"

Didiza downplayed concerns of a new flare-up of violence, stating her party has worked hard in the last few weeks campaigning.

Several areas in Tshwane were gripped by violence in June when the ruling party announced Thoko Didiza's candidacy.

At the same time, one man believes it's his duty to vote.

"It's a responsibility as a citizen and I want to exercise that responsibility without any hesitation and to contrbute to the country's growth and to the next direction we're going to take. So I'm excited about it."

Outgoing mayor Kgosientso Ramokgopa is expected to vote in Atteridgeville, which was the scene of violent demonstrations two months ago.


In the North West, several people are lining up at the Oukasie Community Hall where they are casting their ballots.

It's a cold morning here in Oukasie in the North West and residents have braved the cold to come and make their mark.

The polling station here opened at 7am, with officials saying all is in order.

Independent Electoral Commission officials say they were forced to hold today's polls in the entrance of the building because it was burnt down earlier this year due to alleged political rivalry.

Over 3,000 people have registered to vote at this particular polling station.

Police can be seen patrolling the area to ensure that residents are safe.