South Africans urged to pledge solidarity with Ceppwawu

About 15,000 members of Ceppwawu have downed tools, demanding a 9% increase.

Picture: Supplied.

JOHANNESBURG - The Chemical Energy Paper Printing Wood and Allied Workers Union, South African Workers Union ( Ceppwawu) has called on South Africans to pledge solidarity with them as they deal with what they call unscrupulous multinationals who are making a profit while workers are left poverty stricken.

About 15,000 members of Ceppwawu have downed tools demanding a nine percent increase.

Many South Africans have raised concern over whether they'll be able to travel to their voting stations as negotiations in the petroleum strike have stalled.

Ceppwawu's Clement Chitja says while they're patriotic, there's nothing that they can do.

"Enough is enough. Your industry can care much better, give workers a fair share (sic)."

Yesterday, the South African Petroleum Industry Association put a hold on the transportation of fuel on its main industrial complex in Pretoria after reports that some non-striking workers were being intimidated.