Pastor Evan Mawarire: I do fear for my life

He says he will return to his home country but only when it’s safe for him to do so.

Zimbabwean Pastor Evan Mawarire. Picture: ThisFlag Facebook page.

CAPE TOWN - Zimbabwean pastor and activist Evan Mawarire has stated he will return to his home country but only when it's safe for him to do so.

Mawarire is on a visiting tour throughout South Africa to interact with Zimbabwean nationals on their sentiments with regards to President Robert Mugabe's governance style and how to change his management of the country.

Early last month, Mawarire was arrested and charged with inciting violence that was later changed to an attempt to overthrow the government.

The magistrate in the matter dismissed the case on the basis that Mawarire was wrongfully arrested.

Speaking to Cape Talk's John Maytham, Mawarire explained the country underwent drastic change from when Mugabe initially took control of the country in 1980.

"I do fear for my life when the head of State threatens and almost implies that people like me to be dealt with on site.

"These are things that we've seen over the last few weeks, as thousands of young people that support the president marched against myself as an individual. So, it does scare me, for me and my family that a place that I call home has become the unsafest place for me to live in."

WATCH: Pastor Evan Mawarire on returning to Zimbabwe

The founder of Zimbabwean rights movement, 'This Flag', says Zimbabwe should be a place where residents are allowed to express themselves constitutionally.

Mawarire says in his home country challenging public office bearers is not allowed at all.

"This Flag was started from a personal experience. It was really about me complaining about the situation that I was facing as a father; the inability to perform my duties of protecting and providing for my family. And I did that as one man complaining to the government about it."

Mawarire has emphasised his campaign will remain apolitical and provide a platform where Zimbabweans can freely air their grievances.

The 'This Flag' movement initiator will address students at University of Cape Town tonight.