Special votes: IEC all set for day two

Those who applied for a special vote still have the opportunity to vote tomorrow between 8am and 5pm.

Picture: Christa Eybers/EWN.

ALBERTON - The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) says all is set for polling stations to open for day two of special voting across the country, with only minor glitches reported today.

Those who have applied for a special vote still have the opportunity to vote tomorrow between 8am and 5pm.

Protests were reported at a few wards today, while some stations didn't open on time.

It appears that only a few people are on the special voting list in Alberton, but IEC officials kept their doors open for the whole day.

They'll be back tomorrow for the remaining few who had applied for a special vote.

Meanwhile, earlier today IEC Chairperson Glen Mashinini was one of the first people to cast his vote in Johannesburg.

He says the commission is more than ready to assist South Africans.

The IEC will use today and tomorrow to test its system ahead of election day on Wednesday.


The IEC says it has received 28 complaints so far related to alleged violations of the Electoral Code of Conduct.

So far, the commission says the process has gone well and that it doesn't believe teething problems countered will affect its ability to deliver free and fair elections.

The IEC says the Electoral Court is dealing with all the cases brought before it, some of which were found to hold no ground.

IEC Chief Electoral Officer Mosotho Moepya said, "Twenty have so far been resolved through a legal process, mediation and a few closed and withdrawn due to lack of evidence."

One of the complaints has resulted in the disqualification of a Tshwane EFF ward candidate Thabo Mabotja who was barred from contesting due to a racist comment he posted on Facebook.

The IEC says while votes for this particular candidate won't count, his disqualification won't affect other votes made in favour the party.