Reports: Political parties holding secret meetings to form coalitions in key metros

The upcoming municipal elections are largely seen as the most fiercely contested and expensive yet.

DA leader Mmusi Maimane the party's mayoral candidates at their final elections rally in Soweto on 30 July 2016. Picture: Christa Eybers

JOHANNESBURG - Political parties are reportedly holding secret talks to form coalitions in key metros where the vote could go either way on Wednesday.

The Sunday Times is reporting that these meetings are taking place despite parties having splurged hundreds of millions of rands to outdo each other.

The upcoming municipal elections are largely seen as the most fiercely contested and expensive yet.

The Democratic Alliance (DA)'s Tshwane mayoral candidate Solly Msimanga says President Jacob Zuma's recent attacks on the party show that he's frightened of defeat at the polls.

Zuma has recently blasted the opposition party while on his campaign trail, calling it the brain child of apartheid.

In the last few days President Jacob Zuma has dedicated a considerable amount of time lashing out at the DA during his addresses.

He has said the DA is the most confused party he knows and it can't decide if it's black or white.

Solly Msimanga said this is a sign of desperation on Zuma's part

"It shows that somebosy ius very desperate now, they've got nothing else to offer and their track record speaks for itself."

Msimanga says on 3 August, voters will punish Zuma and those who protected him for the Nkandla spending debacle.


DA leader Mmusi Maimane has fired back at Zuma, blaming him for all the country's problems adding that he changed the ANC from a good to a bad party.

Recently Maimane and Zuma have been exchanging insults during final campaigns for their respective parties.

Last week, Zuma lashed out at Maimane, labelling him a lost feather in the sky and a young boy who lacks thinking capacity.

Yesterday, Maimane fired back, saying Zuma has done nothing but degenerate the ANC.

Maimane said the day Zuma took over as ANC president, the Party of Nelson Mandela died.

"The selfless struggle gave way to selfish accumulation. The politics of the heart gave way to the politics of the stomach."

He said under Zuma the ANC has become everything it once fought against.