Maimane: DA is the only party carrying forward Mandela vision & values

Mmusi Maimane said the day Zuma took over as ANC president, the party of Nelson Mandela died.

DA leader Mmuis Maimane alongside Tshwane mayoral candidate Solly Msimanga. Picture: Christa Eybers EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Democratic Alliance (DA) leader, Mmusi Maimane, said the African National Congress (ANC) will spread lies to Johannesburg residents during its closing rally today but he says the DA's record speaks for itself.

Maimane delivered his speech at the Dobsonville Stadium yesterday ahead of the local government election on Wednesday.

He's urged Soweto residents to not feel obliged to vote for the ANC, saying it's no longer the party that Nelson Mandela fought for.

The Dobsonville Stadium was packed to capacity with about 25,000 people coming out to listen to Maimane.

Maimane was met by cheering supporters dressed in the party's blue t-shirts, holding up banners that call for change.

He said the ANC may try and convince residents that it is still the party to vote for.

"Our opponents will come and tell you lies but they know that they can't compete with our record because our record speaks for itself. We're the only party that is carrying forward the vision and the values of Nelson Mandela."

Maimane said he too voted for the ANC but said things have changed and the party no longer carries forward the values Mandela fought for.


Maimane said just as his party has grown beyond people's expectations, next week's poll results will also catch many by surprise.

He said the DA has grown and unlike in the past, it's now a reflection of a democratic South Africa.

Maimane said his party has disappointed those who thought it had reached a ceiling.

"They said to us before: it would be impossible for the DA to grow and the DA can't grow past a certain point. But when I look out here, I realise that these are South Africans who want change."

The DA leader said he's confident the party will grow even more, adding that people are realising it's the only party that can advance the lives of South African.


Maimane has fired back at President Jacob Zuma, blaming him for all the country's problems adding that he changed the ANC from a good to a bad party.

Recently Maimane and Zuma have been exchanging insults during final campaigns for their respective parties.

Last week, Zuma lashed out at Maimane, labelling him a lost feather in the sky and a young boy who lacks thinking capacity.

Yesterday, Maimane fired back, saying Zuma has done nothing but degenerate the ANC.

Maimane said the day Zuma took over as ANC president, the Party of Nelson Mandela died.

"The selfless struggle gave way to selfish accumulation. The politics of the heart gave way to the politics of the stomach."

He said under Zuma the ANC has become everything it once fought against.