EFF supporters arrive for party final rally in Polokwane

Julius Malema is expected to address his supporters about his plans and strategies ahead of the polls.

A motorcade has been doing the rounds in the area garnering more support for the EFF's Tshela Thupa rally at the Peter Mokaba Stadium tomorrow. Picture: @EFFSouthAfrica.

POLOKWANE - Thousands of Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) supporters are making their way to the Peter Mokaba Stadium in Polokwane to attend the EFF's final rally.

EFF leader Julius Malema is expected to address his supporters about his plans and strategies ahead of the polls.

The podium of revolutionary truth down here at #TshelaThupaRally from which the CIC will speak pic.twitter.com/0hVtjyDMeX

Peter Mokaba is the place to be right now. #TshelaThupaRally #EFFWayawaya pic.twitter.com/i0tBBHDGFf

Peter Mokaba stadium right now #TshelaThupaRally #EFFWayawaya pic.twitter.com/4JUi6FslFw

At the Peter Mokaba stadium right now #TshelaThupaRally #EFFwayawaya pic.twitter.com/cE3JxD7UiT

National Chair @AdvDali_Mpofu Commissars @DlaminiMarshall and @Male_Ledwaba #TshelaThupaRally pic.twitter.com/VrRG5pl2ag

Men and women dressed in red are making their way inside the stadium.

Outside the Peter Mokaba Stadium at the EFF #TshelaThupaRally our people arriving in numbers #EFFwayawaya pic.twitter.com/ZPxj8ynzXo

#TshelaThupaRally EFF Supporters inside the Peter Mokaba Stadium. MK pic.twitter.com/9xcYesjoqy

#TshelaThupaRally EFF flag flying over Peter Mokaba stadium where the party is hosting its final rally. @MasaKekana pic.twitter.com/NRTE9socgg

Local artists are entertaining the crowd as they wait for Malema to address them.

Party Secretary General Godrich Gardee says he believes the EFF has enough support to take Polokwane from the ANC.

The EFF says it's the only party that has a plan to address the land issue and will use its municipal power should it win on Wednesday.

Gardee says land redistribution is top priority for the EFF.

"We are promising our people expropriation of land without compensation. The municipalities have that power and they just have to follow due processes."

Some supporters say they believe the EFF is their last hope at an improved quality of life.

"I know that the ANC is now too corrupt and EFF is our last hope."

Supporters there say they are looking forward to seeing Malema in person today.

Last night, Malema and the party leadership hosted a gala dinner for the business sector to encourage investment and partnership with the party.

Malema said the 2016 elections are not just about winning municipalities but for the party to grow its numbers leading up to the 2019 national polls.

The EFF leader said the party would like to partner with the business sector.

He added the only way to address unemployment and inequality is to redistribute the land.