'Mmusi Maimane is a lost feather floating in the sky'

Jacob Zuma was speaking at the Letlhabile Stadium, in North West, following a door-to-door campaign.

President Jacob Zuma. Picture: AFP.

LETLHABILE - President Jacob Zuma says the Democratic Alliance a is a confused party because it doesn't know if it's black or white, and that it's leader, Mmusi Maimane, is a lost feather floating in the sky.

Zuma was speaking at the Letlhabile Stadium, in North West, following his door-to-door campaign.

At the same time, Zuma says the DA is trying to steal former president Nelson Mandela from the ANC.

The president says Mandela doesn't belong to oppressive parties, saying the DA is the child of the oppressors - referring to the National Party.

He says the party wants to deny facts of history and that they are the most confused party he knows.

Last week, the DA launched its latest election poster which reads "honour Madiba's dream by voting DA"

The president says the opposition party is so desperate, adding that it is an oppressive party.


Zuma also lashed out at Maimane, referring to him as "a young man who doesn't know history". He didn't hold back when attacking the DA leader.

He started by questioning Maimane's knowledge of the country's history.

"This poor young man has not even read the history of the country."

He says Maimane exists to please white people.

"He is no different from a few blacks, during the oppression, who were siding with the whites. They were more vocal, those blacks, to please the whites."

Last week, Maimane accused Zuma of being racist when the president said he didn't understand why black people vote for the DA.