[LISTEN] The struggle to renew a firearm licence

Spokesperson for the SA Gunowners’ Association Martin Hood says police are insisting that gun owners surrender their weapons if they fail to renew their licences on time.

JOHANNESBURG - As of 3 February 2016 the firearm policy changed, stating that if your licence expires, you cannot apply and you must surrender your firearm.

Spokesperson for The South African Gunowners' Association Martin Hood says this is a process the police are insisting on but is not consistent with the Constitution.

Hood says the Firearms Control Act doesn't cover what should happen when the licence expires, hence the drastic step by the police.

The law says you must apply at least 90 days before your licence expires.

He says the firearm owners are not at odds with the police over this matter, with three court cases currently taking place to find a mutually beneficial solution.

In the SoundCloud above, Hood unpacks the gun licence renewal matter.

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