BED in bid to remove inappropriate rape content from textbooks

The department says its noted concerns & complaints emanating from a page in one of the textbooks.


JOHANNESBURG - The Basic Education Department has withdrawn a Grade 10 life orientation textbook after a public outcry over a section which appears to blame a rape survivor for the crime.

In the book, a girl named Angie tells the reader that she went to a party without her parents' permission got drunk and was then raped.

Pupils are then asked to answer three questions including listing two ways in which the girl's behaviour led to "sexual intercourse".

Activists have condemned the material for perpetuating rape culture and stigmatising victims.

The department's Troy Martens says the department has written to the publisher to remove the section from the textbook.

"We are encouraging teachers not to use that piece of the text book, in their education practices. We are currently looking at a number of issues in our material, [including] racial prejudice, gender prejudice."

Solution 1: DBE has already written to the publisher in order to remedy this and ensure the material is no longer taught in our classrooms.

Solution 2: Minister has appointed a Task Team to further evaluate textbooks to ensure they are free of bias (race, sex, gender and other)

The task team will at a later stage make recommendations to the Minister.

The Task Team comprises of experts from Higher Education Institutes ( HEIs)

They will look at a broad sample of textbooks, for the devl of a textbook policy on promoting content that fosters diversity going forward