Zimbabwe's war veterans summoned to Zanu-PF headquarters

Government denounced leading independence war veterans as traitors on Saturday.

Picture: Supplied.

HARARE - Zimbabwe's war veterans have now been summoned to Zanu-PF 's headquarters in the wake of their hard-hitting statement against President Robert Mugabe.

Top ranking party officials say the statement was treasonous, so this appears to be yet another attempt to show Zimbabwe and the world that Mugabe is still popular.

There's little doubt that this meeting is in direct response to the war veterans' never-before-voiced claim that the president is dictatorial.

The government says no genuine war veteran would be that disparaging of Mugabe.

The war veterans are now being summoned to Zanu PF headquarters in Harare tomorrow, exactly a week after thousands of young people marched in apparent support for the government.

Full page adverts have been taken out in the press today, calling all ex-fighters to come and show solidarity with Mugabe.

The Herald says in an editorial that Zanu PF is still the only game in town and this gathering will no doubt be seen as a chance to prove this.