Mawarire urges citizens to spread the word on stand against govt

Evan Mawarire says those living cities have a responsibility to tell their relatives in the villages.

FILE: This file photo taken on 19 May 2016 shows Zimbabwean cleric Evan Mawarire, wrapped in the Zimbabwean national flag, recording an installment of his #ThisFlag video series. Picture: AFP.

HARARE - The leader of Zimbabwe's #ThisFlag movement is urging citizens to share video clips with their relatives in the countryside, where support for President Robert Mugabe's party is strongest.

Evan Mawarire says those living in towns and cities have a responsibility to tell their relatives in the villages that people are finally speaking out against the government.

He says Zimbabweans need to continue holding the government to account, and that message also needs to reach the rural areas.

That's the heartland of President Mugabe's Zanu-PF party, as shown by results of most recent elections.

Mawarire started his video campaign protest three months ago and growing support for it has led Mugabe to say that he is sponsored by Western countries.

Today the churchman says that's its Zimbabweans's responsibility to forward videos and information about what's going on to relatives in the rural areas, who may have less access to news.

Mawarire's Facebook videos get watched tens of thousands of times within hours of going online.