Ramaphosa tells Tembisa residents why they should vote for ANC

Cyril Ramaphosa told Tembisa residents to vote for the ANC because it has their best interests at heart.

Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa poses for a picture during a campaign in Tembisa on Sunday 24 July 2016. Picture: @MYANC via Twitter.

JOHANNESBURG - Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa is on the ground campaigning in Tembisa and is telling residents to vote for the African National Congress (ANC) because it has their best interests at heart.

Ramaphosa is joined by the party's Ekurhuleni leaders.

With 10 days left before the local government elections, the ruling party wants to win the hearts of South Africans.

The deputy president has been deployed in Tembisa to campaign for the party.

Residents have raised issues from unemployment, lack of service delivery and poor health care. They have called on the ANC to keep its promises.

Some say all is well and they will vote for the party because of its good track record.

"I am very proud of the ANC because today our children are able to get grants, grannies are able to get Sassa and RDP houses for those who can't afford," a resident said.

Ramaphosa is criss-crossing the streets and spending a considerable amount of time in various households listening to concerns and explaining how the ANC will resolve them.

He will end his campaign trail in this area by addressing residents at a local stadium.