Reports: Multiple shooters behind Munich mall attack

Local media is reporting multiple deaths many others wounded inside the Olympia Shopping Centre.

Police walk near a shopping mall amid a shooting on 22 July 2016 in Munich. Several people were killed on Friday in a shooting rampage by a lone gunman in a Munich shopping centre, media reports said. Picture: AFP

JOHANNESBURG - It's being reported that there are multiple shooters in multiple locations in the city of Munich.

Local media is reporting that at least six people have been gunned down and many others wounded inside the Olympia Shopping Centre.

It's understood several people are still hiding inside the centre this evening.

Police are advising people to stay in their homes or, if outside, to seek shelter indoors and avoid tourist spots.

According to the NTV television channel, the first shots were fired from inside a McDonalds restaurant.

No further details have been given on the other shootings, but police in Munich say they suspect the rampage is a terrorist act.

CNN's Will Ripley says the motive for shootings is still unclear at this stage.

"Automatically, one word comes to people's minds - they are worried this might be terrorism, although at this point we just don't know what the motive is here, and we may not know for some time to come."

German police have appealed to the public not to post pictures of videos of the ongoing police operation.

Transportation authorities have also halted service on multiple train, tram and bus lines.