Anti-crime protesters want suspected gun peddlers off the street

Irshaad Laher and Alan Raves made a brief appearance in the Bellville Magistrates Court today.

FILE: Alan Ravers made a brief appearance in the Bellville Magistrates Court. Picture: Monique Mortlock.EWN.

CAPE TOWN - Anti-crime protesters say they will not rest until two suspected gun peddlers are no longer roaming the streets.

A group of demonstrators from various areas and organisations picketed outside Bellville Magistrates Court today where businessman Irshaad Laher and Vereeniging arms dealer Alan Raves made a brief appearance.

Several protesters were removed from court after shouting at Laher as he walked down a passage.

Laher and Raves, who are both out on bail, are facing a string of charges including racketeering and gun smuggling.

Convicted gun smuggler and former policeman Christiaan Prinsloo fingered Laher as one of his accomplices.

Manenberg Safety Forum's Roegshanda Pascoe says, "He has to go to jail and pay for his crimes because he has so much blood on his hands. While he's living a luxury life, his children attend private schools and ours don't even get a chance to grow up."

Laher is expected back in court in October while Raves' matter has been transferred to the High Court for a pre-trial conference in November.