MDC MPs cause stir in parliament by wearing flags around necks

Before Evan Mawarire launched #ThisFlag, wearing or carrying a flag was seen as a sign of patriotism.

FILE: Zimbabwean Pastor Evan Mawarire. Picture: ThisFlag Facebook page.

HARARE - Three opposition MPs in Zimbabwe have caused a stir in parliament by wearing the national flag around their necks in the style popularised by protest pastor Evan Mawarire.

The authorities are reacting strongly to any perceived actions in support of the #ThisFlag movement.

Governing Party MP Oliver Mandipaka wanted to know if the action by the three Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) MPs was in support of pastor Mawarire.

But MDC Chief Whip Innocent Gonese says wearing the flag is a constitutional right, which demonstrates a person's allegiance to the country.

However, Deputy Speaker Mabel Chinomona ruled that the MPs would have to remove the flags or be sent out so they took them off.

Before pastor Mawarire launched #ThisFlag movement in April, wearing or carrying a flag was seen as a sign of patriotism and probably loyalty to the governing party.

The churchman has used the flag as a way of demanding accountability from President Robert Mugabe's government.