[LISTEN] Discovery Vitality's rewards U-turn, more changes announced

Discovery Vitality's Dr Craig Nossel speaks to 702's Azania Mosaka about the company's recent changes to its fitness rewards programme and what it has planned for August.

JOHANNESBURG - Discovery Vitality faced widespread backlash when it announced it was removing certain fitness activities from its rewards programme, Vitality Rewards.

At the time it defended the move, saying some of the devices it listed in its notice to members gave inaccurate readings and left too much room for error.

It said it was trying keep up with ever-changing technology.

But the health company has done a U-turn, announcing changes to Vitality rewards that will come into effect on 20 August 2016.

Speaking to 702's Azania Mosaka on Thursday, Discovery Vitality head Dr Craig Nossel apologised for upsetting the programme's members with some of the changes, which he described as "a bit too prescriptive".

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