More Uber cars impounded in 2016 than most of 2015

302 vehicles without required permits were taken off the road between January and June this year.

FILE: Uber taxi. Picture:

CAPE TOWN - Cape Town traffic officials have confirmed that more cars linked to online hailing service, Uber, were impounded in the first six months of this year, than during most of 2015.

Three hundred and two vehicles were taken off the road between January and June this year because drivers did not have the required permits.

The figure is much higher than the 255 cars that were impounded between January and November 2015.

Cape Town traffic services' Richard Coleman said: "A number of them have secure operating licenses but there's been an increase in the number of Uber cars on the road without operating licenses. This is the reason for that increase [in impounded cars]."

Uber's growth in popularity has put it in conflict with the metered taxi industry.

Last week, angry cab drivers demonstrated in the city centre claiming that Uber was operating outside metered taxi regulations and without the required permits.