Axed SABC journalists heading to Labour Court

Termination letters were sent to the journalists for the 'behaviour that undermines the SABC’s conduct'.

FILE: A sign outside the offices of the South African Broadcasting Corporation in Johannesburg. Picture: Christa Eybers/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Four of the eight the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) journalists, who launched an urgent Constitutional Court application over their suspensions, will now challenge their dismissals in the Labour Court on Thursday and seek payment for their legal fees.

Yesterday evening, termination letters were sent to Jacques Steenkamp, Krivani Pillay, Suna Venter and Foeta Krige for what the broadcaster has described as behaviour that undermines the conduct of the public broadcaster.

WATCH: Suspended journalists turn to Constitutional Court

The journalists have been vocal about the low morale in SABC newsrooms and their disagreement with its new policy banning the broadcast of visuals of violent protests.

Solidarity's Anton van der Bijl, who has been representing the four journalists, says the only reason given for the dismissals has been that they failed to give motivation to their bosses about why they should keep their jobs.

"We are most certainly going to Labour Court on Thursday, possibly earlier, to set aside the dismissals and the disciplinary inquiries. We will most likely ask for personal cost order."

Last week, Icasa ruled against the broadcaster, saying it should rescind its editorial decision banning the visuals of violent protests and giving it seven days to respond in writing.

The SABC has declined to comment, saying it will not discuss internal matters in public.