Zuma: ANC candidate list disputes show democratic system in place

Five people died in Tshwane and about 10 ANC members killed in KZN amid disputes over candidates list.

FILE: ANC President Jacob Zuma addresses party members. Picture: Reinart Toerien/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - African National Congress(ANC) President Jacob Zuma has weighed in on the violence related to the party's councillor lists, saying the fact that councillors have been fighting shows there are democratic processes in the ANC.

Zuma was speaking at the launch of the party's election countdown to victory at the Market Theatre in Newtown last night.

Five people died in last month's protests in Tshwane and about 10 ANC members have been killed in Kwazulu-Natal amid disputes over competition for council posts.

President Jacob Zuma said: "The reason we can see that there are councillors who can fight and challenge a system and complain that the system was not followed, it tells you how democratic we are. People can refer to a system, there is a system; a democratic system."

Zuma says other parties are not as transparent as the ANC when it comes to councillor selection.