Didiza vows to rid Tshwane of informal settlements

Thoko Didiza has been on the campaign trail, as the ANC cranks up its electioneering.

FILE: ANC Tshwane mayoral candidate Thoko Didiza. Picture: YouTube screengrab.

JOHANNESBURG - The African National Congress (ANC) Tshwane mayoral candidate Thoko Didiza says that replacing informal settlements and giving people a sense of certainty about their future, is a priority for the party.

Didiza has been on the campaign trail in her region, which has seen violent and fatal protests in the past few weeks.

She says she believes the elections next month will be all about the issues on the ground.

"We've never been complacent. Even were we know we've done best, we've always gone out to campaign, mobilise people and engage citizens, because for me, the five years is also about the reflection of what people, in their own analysis, think you have done."

Opposition parties are also campaigning hard in Tshwane, seeing it as a crucial battle ground which is up for grabs.

Earlier this month, Didiza said she had no fears that the ANC would lose the capital city as a result of her appointment.

But political analyst, Mcebisi Ndletyana, said the way that the ANC had dealt with divisions in Tshwane might cost it at the polls.

"There's the possible failure of members to volunteer to campaign and that affects the overall machinery of the ANC to campaign."

However, Didiza who was brought in to unify the region, said that losing Tshwane was not even an option.

"I'm here as a cadre of the ANC. I live in Tshwane and I've got no fears that we'll be able to win Tshwane as the ANC."

Additional reporting by Clement Manyathela.