Truman Prince aims to put Karoo on the global map

Prince has been elected as the ANC’s mayoral candidate in the upcoming local government elections.

FILE: Beaufort West Mayor Truman Prince. Picture: Aletta Harrison/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - Beaufort West mayor Truman Prince said that he still has much to accomplish in the small Karoo town.

Prince was elected as the African National Congress's (ANC) mayoral candidate in the upcoming local government elections.

Eyewitness News visited Beaufort West, which is among the top 20 best-run municipalities in the country according to the Good Governance Africa index.

WATCH: Truman Princeon plans for Beaufort West

Prince is confident of the party's chances in the election.

He said that he had many plans to put the small Karoo town on the global map, including plans for fracking and large-scale uranium mining.

"We believe that those who are going to do the fracking, the water is not going to be contaminated. And the uranium mine, the price of uranium has gone up now. We are going to have an economic boost."

However, this comes as two major Karoo uranium mining developers announced they would be withdrawing all their applications for mining rights in the Central Karoo and downsizing their national mining application.

Opposition parties, including the Independent Civic Organisation of South Africa who are currently in an alliance with the ANC in Beaufort West, want Prince out as mayor due to allegations of corruption and assault against him.