Kenny Motsamai's family unhappy with his parole conditions

His family says he signed the papers this time around as he wanted to be with his loved ones.

The Pan Africanist Congress Logo. Picture: Wikipedia.

JOHANNESBURG - The family of Azanian People's Liberation Army member, Kenny Motsamai, said they were unhappy with his parole conditions.

Motsanai was released on day parole from Boksburg prison for the first time yesterday.

Earlier this year, his release was stalled, because he refused to sign parole papers stating that the attached conditions were unconstitutional.

His family said that he signed the papers this time around as he wanted to spend time with his loved ones.

Under the parole conditions, Motsamai will be released from prison at 8am and will have to go back to jail at 4pm every day.

He was convicted in 1989 for killing a white traffic officer in Rustenburg, and has been in jail for 27 years. He though has insisted that the crime was politically motivated.

Motsamai's daughter Busi Motsamai said: "He told me that he felt that the government betrayed him because he fought for the country and the democracy that we celebrate today but yet he doesn't get the freedom he fought for."