Ban match-fixers for life, says Kevin Pietersen

The former England batsman believes any player caught fixing the outcome of matches should be given life bans.

FILE: Former England batsman Kevin Pietersen. Picture:

BENGALURU - Banned Pakistan bowler Mohammad Amir would not have the chance to return to the sport on Thursday after serving a five-year ban for spot-fixing if former England batsman Kevin Pietersen had his way.

He believes any player caught fixing the outcome of matches or incidents within a game should be given life bans.

"People always deserve a second chance in life but sport is different," the 36-year old wrote in his column in the Daily Telegraph on Tuesday.

"We are paid to play a sport we love and are damn lucky to lead the life of a professional cricketer. There can be no way back."

Amir returns for Pakistan in the first test against England at Lord's after a five-year exile imposed after he admitted deliberately bowling a no-ball in the fourth test against England in 2010.

Pietersen, who played in that match, which England won, said spot-fixing revelations dampened the mood in the victorious dressing room.

"The story broke on the Saturday night and we all felt sick on the final day of the game. We felt empty when we took the wickets to win the match and did not celebrate," he added.

"The relationship between the two teams was fractured because we all knew the damage it would do to cricket."

Pietersen, who last played for England in 2014, said there was no excuse for cricketers.

"In cricket the education players receive is so thorough. I have sat through so many (anti-corruption lectures) that I could probably give my own, so ignorance of the rules is no defence," he said.

"I understand that in the sub-continent cricketers come from villages where there is poverty and deprivation.

"They get the chance to play international cricket and earn massive sums of money and are exposed to temptation. But to bowl a no ball to earn more money is just greed."