SA terror suspects’ uncle says family reached out to cops in 2013

The Hawks arrested Brandon-Lee & Tony-Lee Thulsie during a house raid in Newclare at the weekend.

Brandon-Lee & Tony-Lee Thulsie. Picture:

JOHANNESBURG - A man who claims to be the uncle of twin brothers, who were charged with three counts related to terrorism, says he received a tip-off about their link to Isis three years ago.

The Hawks arrested Brandon-Lee and Tony-Lee Thulsie during a house raid in Newclare over the weekend.

They pair have been accused of planning to detonate explosions at a mission of the United States of America and Jewish institutions between October 2015 and July this year, in the Johannesburg area.

They have also been linked to Isis, and attempted to leave South Africa on two occasions to join the international terrorist organisation in Syria.

Harun, who claims to be the uncle of the 23-year-olds, says he asked police to help him in 2013.

"I got a call from an anonymous person, who said that the twins are on their way to the airport and on their way to join Isis. I managed to stop them. If the Hawks were so brilliant in what they say they were doing, why didn't they do something then?"

Meanwhile, the Institute for Security Studies (ISS) says the twins are facing serious charges, which have severe consequences.

According to the provisional charge sheet, the pair face various charges including conspiracy and incitement to commit terrorism.

The ISS's Martin Ewi says the charges the men are facing are likely to be treated as seriously - as if the men had already carried out the acts.

Ewi says the men are likely to face between 5 to 15 years behind bars.

"Conspiracy - meaning both of them were plotting but they have not yet carried out the act - it is also as serious as those who have carried out the act, because it is an attempt to [do so]."

The men are due to appear in court next week.