Van Zyl: Olympics take preference over golf Majors

Jaco Van Zyl wants to be part of history when golf returns to the Olympics after 112 years.

Picture: EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Jaco van Zyl has withdrawn from the Open Championship at Royal Troon next week as well as the US PGA at the end of the month to prepare for the Olympic Games in Rio.

While golfers around the world have snubbed the Games, Van Zyl has bucked the trend, opting to play in the multi-code event.

Speaking to EWN Sport, Van Zyl described the decision as one he didn't take lightly, saying that the Olympics were taking preference.

"I did commit to the Olympics earlier this year, so it is going to take priority over the Majors. It's the first time in 112 years that golf is part of the Olympics. The Majors are there every year, there's four of them every year."

Van Zyl is confident that he has made the correct decision, saying an Olympic medal is far more desirable than anything else.

"Some people really want to be number one in the world, or top ten. I've never been phased by world rankings points. It's the first time in 112 years that we get to do this."

Van Zyl believes this might be his last chance to win an Olympic medal.

"Unfortunately I'm not 21 years old anymore. I don't know if I'm going to be a candidate in 2020, or if golf will still even be played in 2020."

The Olympics get underway on 5 August.